Hire Drones & Pilots For a Professional Aerial Photography and Videography Service.

Aerial Photography Drones Used By Airscout

We use the most intelligent and powerful drones available in the market to capture those spectacular images and footage for all types of events and occasions, from construction to energy.

Our drones are equipped with intelligent sensors that provide rock-solid stability and collision detection for safer flights, even in windy conditions. You will be astounded by the results they achieve so effortlessly.

Our equipment is non-intrusive and battery powered, which ensures minimal noise levels during filming.

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Our Services


Building and Construction


Sports and Leisure Events


Marketing And Advertising


Energy and infrastructure



Mission Statement

UAV surveys have the ability to capture data without putting the surveyor in dangerous or inaccessible locations making it a safe and cost effective option for your next project.

Our Vision… To offer the most innovative, safe, flexible and cost effective in cost solutions in order to optimise asset maintenance.

Our Mission… To form healthy partnerships and strive to find the most beneficial solution to satisfy our customers’ requirements.

Our Values…

  • Flexible – We are always flexible and adapt to achieve the most efficient solution for each task.
  • Innovative – We strive to find innovative solutions using the latest technology

Specialise in providing surveys from the power and technology associated with these incredible machines. Drones are starting to infiltrate into many business sectors…

Asian engineer man or male worker flying drone over construction site. Using unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for land and building site survey in civil engineering project.


Airscout pilots are fully licensed by the UAV8 Unmanned Aircraft Systems. Airscout pilots are also fully insured under Cover Drone specialist drone insurance.