Building And Construction

Benefits…health and safety, cost effective, time conserving, visual project planning.

Building And Construction

Carrying out inspections on a busy constructional building site can be dangerous and complicated. The ability for our drones to carry out a visual inspection of high-risk areas can save time, money and reduce health and safety risks. Footage can then be viewed from the safety of a site office and even sent to project stake holders.  Using our drones to fly over a site can show new site operatives, health and safety risks in real time enabling site managers to demonstrate specific areas of danger from vehicular movements, moving cranes, site excavation areas and so on. The sharp detailed images produced by our drones enables site managers to track work progress and make accurate decisions based on up-to-date data instead of relying on plans or incomplete data that may not reflect reality. The aerial images also act as a visual aid in communicating with all parties involved, so that everyone can see for themselves in real time what has already been done and what remains to be done.  Drones are a proactive way to improve site safety. The ability to monitor large construction sites can provide detailed imaging and can track objects, people, equipment, materials and machinery. All this information can help site managers identify site safety issues.

Drones can provide a quicker and easier way of carrying out planned or reactive maintenance inspections on high structures such a bridges, towers, roofs and scaffolding. Construction progress reports can also be prepared using our drones to record site progress against project programme schedules. A regular drone flight can provide a faster way of recording site progress and even time lapse imagery. The ability to capture 4K video and photos from unique angles can provide an interesting insight into a project or building which is ideal for marketing material for estate agents or property developers.

Similar to laser scanning, our drones can also be used for aerial thermal imaging recordings which can be used to assess potential hot-spots in areas, housing electrical components or highlighting heat loss.

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