Energy And Infrastructure


Energy And Infastructure

Drones are transforming the energy industry, reducing risks, lowering costs and improving the infrastructure of power distribution and network.    

Airscout can play a huge role in helping locate problems in the systems people rely on for daily life and business. Airscout aerial systems can detect failing structures and equipment in less time and less cost than traditional methods and usually, they are safer too.

As well as significantly reducing project time, surveys can now be counted in days rather than weeks to produce a quality inspection.

Did you know? If you have a solar array on your roof or on the ground from Kilowatts to Megawatts, a thermal inspection by Airscout would highlight issues with either single or multiple panels that are invisible to the naked eye. Most roof mounted systems, due to the nature of being on the roof, rarely get inspected and could have multiple issues that you will never be aware of, therefore reducing performance and income generation.

Typical problems that can occur and be undetected

Due to the nature of the accessibility and health and safety issues that arise from working off the ground, our drones are ideally suited to inspect overhead cables and associated pylons and poles. For rural power lines in remote areas, rough terrain makes walking or driving nearly impossible, not to mention slow. As a result, our drones are perfect to conduct infrared equipment inspections and even storm damage.

Wind turbine inspections are also well suited to our drones and can highlight a multitude of safety issues from potential cracks, lightening strikes, oil leakages, erosion of the leading edges of the blades and with infrared capability, hairline fractures and cracks. These inspections can be carried out in a fraction of the time than a conventional check would take, with fast deployment and immediate imagery support.

With years of experience, knowledge and installation background not only in the solar panel industry but within the industrial-electrical energy sector, Airscout has the expertise required to support, advise and produce a comprehensive report that will highlight the unforeseen issues that will be detrimental in cost and efficiency to your company.

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