Sports And Leisure


Sports And Leisure

Drones are extremely versatile. Stunning and unique views of larger events can be appreciated from a ‘bird’s eye’ perspective making ground-based methods typical and adequate. Filming high action events such as sports and water activities gives an impressive, aerial account which cannot be obtained from tricky terrains and obstructions of the ground.

Our drones, which are almost noise-less, adaptable and quick are becoming very popular at other events such as large gatherings, parties, neighbourly celebrations, festivals and other such frivolity. Using battery power, drones have no-emissions and are consistent giving the user a never-ending filming opportunity; a chance to film again and again for just the right moment. Why not let your spectators see the event live? The footage produced by a drone, can be a great marketing tool for any event organiser to place on their website. There is no better way to advertise your event than to give potential attendees a taste of what to expect.

Aerial photography and videography is ideally suited to the travel, tourism, and sports industries. Stately homes in beautiful landscapes, beaches, rivers, and forests that can be hard to show off to their best extent from the ground but come to life in an aerial photograph or video. The same applies to sporting venues and events such as golf courses, motor sports, mountain biking and rowing events.

A lot of people are now leaning towards drone hire for weddings, as it is a perfect way to highlight your special day, whilst exposing every element of the venue. Whether it’s a mountain side, beach or stately home, drones can provide spectacular sweeping aerial shots and lifelong memories.

The golfing world has also been revolutionised by drone technology. Many prestigious clubs are using drones to shoot tee-to-green films of golf holes, which act as an online guide giving players a fresh perspective of the hazards they face and difficult holes. This enables golfers to plan their game, which can ultimately improve their handicap. Aerial pictures and videos also act as a great promotional tool for the clubs themselves, allowing guests to review the facilities prior to attending.

Aerial pictures and videos are now a lot more accessible. Drones have negated the need for expensive manned aircraft, and can provide high definition still images or video footage of your chosen sites. Difficult terrain or even water isn’t an obstacle to a drone, they can fly over pretty much anything including lakes, rivers and even trees.

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