Professional surveys can take a long time with detailed checks having to be carried out for specific areas of a site, along with thorough reports being drawn up to ensure that everything is correct. Many surveyors are enlisting priceless help from our drone pilots, not only to make their checks more efficient but to gain a degree of assurance that has never been seen before.

One of the main uses of drones during surveys is to get a clear and crisp visual on the areas that are considered to be high risk and could possibly be dangerous for surveyors or individuals to personally inspect. Drones can provide accurate video footage of hard to reach places such as the roof of a commercial property or a dangerous structure without the need for expensive scaffolding or professional specialist access equipment or issues that arise from health and safety when working off the ground.

The ability to provide not only recorded footage but also infrared images of the problem areas mean that inspections can be carried out from the ground – promoting increased safety as well as a much lower cost alternative to the classic approach.

From full coverage site inspections to the ability to provide infrared scans of the highest parts of buildings, drones are being made use of in many surveyors’ important day to day tasks. Our drones are the best on the market and are fully equipped to deal impeccably well in all types of situations, whilst still providing top of the range quality material. With the option to professionally edit all the footage the drone has captured, it has never been easier to obtain and present a full survey of a building or construction area.


Building inspections of roofs, chimneys, towers, stadiums, wind turbines, etc, no longer require expensive cherry pickers or scaffolding to complete a survey. There is no longer a necessity for anyone to leave the ground, therefore making the project much safer and cost-effective. Our CAA drone operators at ‘Airscout’ can provide you with a series of high-resolution images, or a high definition video or thermal account of the most difficult to reach structures. Unmanned drones can fly close to buildings and into awkward positions where other means of access may not be safe, appropriate or cost-effective.

Through capturing high resolution aerial photos and thermal imagery, you can use these images for mandatory reporting and provide evidence that an inspection of an area has been carried out, thus protecting you from any compliance failures. Your images can also be used to highlight any specific areas for attention, which is beneficial for subsequent repairs to be carried out.

New build houses often require roof inspection and heat loss reports to ensure conformity with the building regulations. With more and more housing estates being built in the UK, inspecting multiple sites can require extensive planning in order to complete the work; this is clearly time-consuming and not cost effective. With a drone roof inspection, many rooftops can be assessed in a short amount of time; A drone can record and inspect several rooftops in the time it would traditionally take to inspect just one.

Another major benefit is that access to the building would remain unaffected, therefore allowing other work to continue.

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